DAI Bihui,TAO Zhong,XU Guolin,et al.Investigation of seismic damage to rural houses in the epicenter area of Yangbi MS 6.4 earthquake in Yunnan[J].,2021,(03):009-18.





Investigation of seismic damage to rural houses in the epicenter area of Yangbi MS 6.4 earthquake in Yunnan
戴必辉12 陶忠2 徐国林1 李何潇2 吴磊2
1. 西南林业大学 土木工程学院, 昆明 650224;
2. 昆明理工大学, 建筑工程学院, 昆明 650500
DAI Bihui12 TAO Zhong2 XU Guolin1 LI Hexiao2 WU Lei2
1. Faculty of Cicil Engineering, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224, China;
2. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunning 650500, China
Yangbi MS 6.4 earthquakerural housesseismic damage
A large number of rural houses in the epicenter area were damaged when a dense and strong earthquake occurred in Yangbi County, Yunnan Province on May 21, 2021. In this paper, the ground motion characteristics are analyzed according to the strong motion observation records of some stations, and then the structural and architectural characteristics of various types of rural houses in the epicenter areas (VIII degree) are summarized. Finally, on the basis of field surveys of the seismic damage phenomena of all kinds of houses, the characteristics and causes of earthquake damage of the rural houses were analyzed. The results show that the enclosing earth wall used in the "three rooms and four frames" traditional timber structural houses that are widely used locally, are seriously damaged. The timber structure systems of the renovated rural dilapidated residences are basically complete, and the wooden frames of the unreinforced houses have the phenomenon of skew and tenon pulling out of joints. In the production houses, the seismic damage of the single-story brick-wood structures are relatively light, the earth wall of the earth-wood structures are seriously damaged or even partially collapsed, and most of the log structures are inclined or torsional deformation.


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